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Introducing The LapoFlex Series

Ergonomic Laparoscopic Devices


Planned release: Q1 2024

Benefit From An Ergonomic Device

Adapting to higher device mobility

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The LapoFlex Series 

Multi-dimentional Working Volumen

The LapoFlex Series increases the surgeons motion abilities during laparoscopic surgeries. It allows the surgens to conduct a surgery in a fully ergonomic positions.    

LapoFlex is an Itermediate Device

between the surgical robot and conventional devices

Made for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic surgery offers superior ergonomics but also encompasses unaffordable costs.
Conventional surgery offer low costs
but leads to musculoskeletal diseases.
LapoFlex offers superior ergonomics as for the surgical robot and low cost as for conventional devices.

A Problem Worth Solving

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88% of surgeons using convential devices experience muscular pain
53% claim muscular pain and mental fatigue reduces their performance
Mortality increses with 14% when surgical performance is reduced
Robotic surgery cost 74 times more than conventional surgery

Available in Multible Configurations

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Implementation of LapoFlex


Delivered Sterile and Ready-To-Use


If You Need More

Information on LapoFlex

Planned release: Q1 2024

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