Introducing The LapoFlex Series

Ergonomic Laparoscopic Devices


Benefit From An Ergonomic Device

Adapting to higher device mobility

The LapoFlex Series
Prevention of wrist injuries

Traditional laparoscopic devices allow only limited comfortable movability. Surgeons wrist can be lock in unergonomic positions for many hours during surgery which can be painful and cause critical hand and arm fatigue.

After years with persistent strain in the wrist, the  issues can develop into permanent wrist injuries that limits the surgeons ability to perform their job.

The LapoFlex devices allow comfortable movability and relieve the arm and wrist during surgery to prevent wrist injuries and improve the surgical task. 

The Right Tool For The Right Task
The Degrees of Freedom You Need
The LapoFlex devices are equipped with a three dimensional joint  which allows the surgeons to move and rotate the laparoscopic devices in four dimensions relative to the end-effector.  The four degrees of freedom allows the surgeon to maintain
an ergonomic posture during any laparoscopic surgery. The handle is easy and intuitive to maneuver, and it does not require excessive amount of training to master the devices. Join our online training course and learn more here.

A Comfortable Surgeon Is a Good Surgeon

Increase the surgeons comfort with LapoFlex

Select Your Ideal Tool
LapoFlex is available with multiple different end-effectors

Straight Forceps


LapoFlex with an Straight Forceps end-effector is intended for holding and supporting large volumes of soft tissue during minimally invasive surgeries.

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Curved Scissor

LapoFlex with a curved scissor end-effector is intended for cutting tissue at narrow areas during minimal invasive surgeries.  

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Hook Scissor

LapoFlex with a hook scissor end-effector is intended for penetrating and cutting soft tissue during a minimally Invasive surgery. 

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View End-Effectors

The LapoFlex Series consist of handheld devices for minimal invasive surgeries. Each device has it own unique end-effector and an associated color to easy separate the devices from each other.

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Information on LapoFlex

Do you need more information about The LapoFlex Series, then please continue  to the product page. Here you will find specifications on the devices and how you can acquire samples for the online training course.