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CAMES - The Copenhagen Academy of Medical Education and Simulation - brings together the Capital Region's research, development and teaching activities within medical and surgical simulation. The goal of all CAMES activities is to increase the quality and safety of patient treatment.


SAKS is a place where students and doctors meet and build bridges across semesters and hospitals. The purpose of SAKS is to increase the interest in research within the surgery, create contacts for projects, possible supervisors and events with research in the forefront. 


DTU Science Park is the place where conventions and habitual thinking are challenged and where innovation is paramount. They take responsibility for making connections and when you need sparring, new collaborations or new inspiration. FlexLogical is part of Scion via Danish Tech Challange. 


CSE is an entrepreneurial organization with student incubator programmes, accelerator/ growth programmes, entrepreneurial events and workshops rooted at Copenhagen Business School. Open for all students and recent graduates from all universities from all over the world. They welcome all industries and have ‘business’ as our focus. 


DTU Skylab is the innovation hub located at The Technical University of Denmark. They focus on enabling student innovation and entrepreneurship through three focus areas; student innovation, company collaboration and academia.  


The Innovation Fund excites to find solutions to some of the society's greatest challenges. The focus is on developing useful and viable solutions for society's concrete challenges and innovation needs. It can be new, climate-friendly solutions, healthier foods, a better healthcare system, a cleaner environment or a start-up adventure that is underway. 

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