The LapoFlex Series


The LapoFlex Series

Ergonomic Devices For MIS

The LapoFlex Series is a series of devices for minimally invasive   surgeries (MIS). The purpose of the series is to improve the surgeons comfort and performance during MIS.

MIS devices have become a regular tool for surgeons,  and they are starting to demand devices with high quality, low cost and most importantly - the devices have to be extremely ergonomic.

The LapoFlex Series is developed on the principals of neutral movement of the hand to reach a high level of ergonomics during use. With our innovative 3-dimentional joint, it is possible to move the device in multiple directions without even moving your wrist to minimize wrist strain and reduce muscle fatigue in the lower and upper arm. 


Fully Ergonomic Minimal Invasive Devices

“It’s a hybrid between a robotic device and a static handheld device”

Palm shaped handle

Easy End-Effector Rotation

Rotation of the end-effector is easily obtained by rotating the rotation-tap at the end of the handle with the index finger. 

The devices are intended to be held in a pistol grip to maintain an ergonomic wrist- and hand position during activation of the end- effector and maneuvering of the device.

Pistol Grip

The handle is designed to fit into the palm of the surgeon’s hand, resulting in a comfortable and secure grip on the device.


3D Joint

The LapoFlex devices are equipped with a three dimensional joint which allows the surgeons to move and rotate the laparoscopic devices in four dimensions relative to the end-effector.


Compatible With Multiple End-Effectors

One color for one type of end-effector

The LapoFlex end-effectors are designed and developed to ease manipulation of tissue and maneuvering of needles and sutures during minimally invasive surgeries. To get more information about the LapoFlex end-effectors,  you can download our datasheet on the end-effectors below.

Straight Forceps






Flexlogical Framegrab_6.jpg

Technical Specifications

The LapoFlex Series is a series of  sterile single use devices intended for minimally invasive surgeries. The device’s handle is manufactured in plastics with a special designed surface finish which secures the handle in the palm of the surgeon.

The end-effectors are manufactured in surgical stainless steel with a matt surface finish to avoid reflections from the endoscope.  

The end-effector and shaft are Ø5 mm and have a total length of 36 cm which enables surgeons to reach deep areas in the abdomen of a patient.  If you want more technical specifications, please download our datasheet


Looking for?

Improve Your Surgical Skills

Train with our LapoFlex Training kit

Conducting minimally invasive surgery requires training to learn patient anatomy mapping, depth perception, dexterity and motion control of the minimal invasive devices. To train these skills, FlexLogical supply a low cost laparoscopic training kit for surgeons and medical students and we regularly do a online training course to teach how our devices are used. The only thing you need to get started is a smartphone or tablet with a camera. Download our training kit manual           to learn more.

The kit contiains:

1 LapoFlex with straight forceps  end-effector
1 LapoFlex with curved forceps  end-effector
1 Trainer box   
2 Training games 


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