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Emil Cederfeldt


Peter Sølbeck


Emil Cederfeldt is an entrepreneur,  engineer and designer living in central Copenhagen,  Denmark. He has a master of science and engineering in Design & Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark. He is best known by his simple design of products and innovative thinking. 

Peter Sølbeck is a Businessman,  initiator and executor living in central Copenhagen,  Denmark. He has over 50 years of experience within many types of businesses. He is best known by his intelligent business approach and under-standing of markets mechanisms. 

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+45 50 89 10 22

+45 50 89 10 22

Randi Hauerberg is a progressive Regulatory Senior Quality Management Executive with more than 25 years global experience within FDA/EU, Canada, ASEAN, BRIC, LATAM, regulated industries with strong experience in medical devices.

Randi Hauerberg

QA/RA Manager
Medical Writer

Anna T. Christensen

Anna Christensen has more than 10 years of experience in various commercial functions within sales, marketing and market research in the healthcare sector. She is strong in communication; through commercial and analytic mindset want to bring out good results to create value to others 

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