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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For FlexLogical

Latest update: 18/01/2022


When you visit we collect information about you. We use the information to adjust and improve our content and increase the value of our service(s) on this website. If you disagree with the collection of cookies, you should not use this website. In worst case you can delete your cookies by following this 

Below we have a specification on what information we collect, what we do with the information and which third party has access to your information. 


This website uses cookies which are saved on your computer, mobile or tablet. The purpose of saving the cookies on your electronic device(s) is to remember setting, do statistics and target our ads. The cookies cannot contain any dangerous code(s) like virus(es). It is possible to delete or block cookies by following an instruction like  

Ads will only become less relevant for you if you delete or block cookies and the ads will appear less often. In worst case you can risk that the website doesn’t fully function and you have restricted access to the website’s content. This website contains cookies from third parties, which can vary from:  


• Google (Google Analytics – To optimize advertisement and do statistics) 
• Facebook (To show news directly on Facebook sides) 
• LinkedIn (To show news directly on LinkedIn sides) 

• Third party  (E.g. To arrange shipments) 

Personal information


Personal data is all kind of information which in one way or another is related to you. When you use our website, some of your personal data will be collected. This happens if you sign up for newsletters, participate in different competitions and/or surveys, register yourself as a user and/or subscriber, other use of services or making purchases. 

 We collect and use the following information: A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet and/or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographic location and which pages on you visited and what content you interacted with. If you choose to give us consent and you give us the information yourself, we will also collect and manage your: Full name, phone number, e-mail, addresses and payment information. This will most likely be done during ordering and payment of your orders.


We store your personal data safely and do our best to make sure it’s not used illegally or without your consent. We do our best to make sure you information will not be deleted unintendedly, shared in public, lost, misused or comes in possession of unauthorized personal or in general is used in violation with the law.  

Our hosting server(s) is encrypted, which makes it almost impossible for hackers to reach your personal data. 


The information is used to identify you as a user/customer or potential user/customer and show you ads which most likely will be of relevance to you, register you purchases and payments and deliver the service(s) you demand, for example sending newsletters. Furthermore, we use your information to optimize our service(s) and content.

Storage period

Your information is saved securely in the time period which is allow by the law, and we delete them when the information no longer is relevant for us. The storage period depends on the type if information and the reason for storage. It is therefore not possible to state any specific storage period and date on when the data will be safely deleted.

Sharing information

Data regarding your use of this website, which ads you receive and maybe interact with, geographical location, gender and age is share with a third party to the extent that this information is known. You can see which third parties we are talking about in the section “cookies” above. Furthermore, the information is used to target advertisement. 

 Furthermore, we used some third parties to store and manage data. These only store and manage data on our behalf and are not allowed to use them for personal purposes and/or other purposes. 
Sharing of personal data like names and e-mail will only happen if you give us consent hereto. We only use data managers in EU or in countries who can give your data a proper protection.

Insight and complaints

It is you right to get informed about what personal data we manage. You can also at any time make an objection to the use of your information. You can also recall you consent regarding managing your personal data. If the data about you is wrong, you have the rights to initiate change(s) in your data or delete the data. If you which to initiate change(s) in you data or you want the data deleted, please write it in a mail to If you want to complain about our management of your personal data, you can take contact to the Data protection Regulation. 

For more info about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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